10 Ways to Learn Chinese

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Two People Learn Chinese

10 Ways to Learn Chinese

Learning a language is always difficult even though it seems simple unless we can manage to learn it without souls. Knowing some tips before you really strive to learn Chinese is definitely going to give you the upper hand for sure.

     1.Motivation is the key to success

    Self-motivation is just a little bit different from the word motivation. We need to give motivation to ourselves all the time so that we won’t  get stuck with depression .As you all know, motivation is the only thing that drives you to learn this and that. That’s why you have to ask yourself and clarify what’s the reason behind this.

Why do you want to learn Chinese? You;’ve got a Chinese boyfriend/girlfriend lately? You are so into Chinese literature? Or Learn Chinese is being interesting for you all of a sudden? If you are reading this, you must have at least one reason.

    Only when you know what your motivation is, then you can only stir up your inner power to bring yourself up to the maximum.

    Not only would that but your tutors probably adapt according to your motivation which is naturally the key to enhance the capabilities of the students. Therefore, some tutoring websites clearly state the tutors’ profile to let the students check and see what their strengths are and ask them to fill in what drives them to learn Chinese.


    Blending into Chinese atmosphere is quite challenging. There shouldn’t be any doubt that this is the best and quickest way to learn Chinese or any other languages though. However, it is not going to work well with introverts for sure as you need to surround yourself with the person who don’t speak your language totally but Chinese. It sounds scary. It is more like enclosing yourself inside a cage and forcing yourself to fight against the tiger with bare hands. The point is to lure your inner power to learn.

    Today cases are different scenarios from the cases in the past as there are different several programs designed to learn Chinese in China and all of them definitely have friendly staffs ready to help you out to get to the next step.

Group learning

3.Learn Chinese in small groups

   Hunting skills hungrily is vividly effective when doing in groups. Clearly, solitary cannot get you anywhere especially in language learning. You are not going to do really well just by talking to your favorite personal tutor. In addition, you will have to apply the things you have learned in your previous class in actual conversation. That’s why conversation classes are meant for. Grow your language. Grow your society as well. In my honest opinion, this is my favorite method.


    You can’t get anywhere without any proper guidance for sure. Let’s say you are not good enough in social skills. Taking tutoring services is probably the best option for you as one is better than nothing.

    Just take your tutor as your speaking partner and he/she will be the only one who can consult and give you the best idea to learn. Just one thing. You will have to tell the tutors what you want. Only then, she will be able to help you get to your destination. Here is one of the tutoring platforms I have seen so far. You can easily attend classes at anytime and anywhere.

Language Pals

4.Language Pals

    There is no better than having pal regardless of the kind of point of view. Like I said, two is better than one. There is no people in the world who doesn’t even have a friend. Anyhow, people bound to have one friend at least.

    Then, the way you think about the learning process will be slightly deviated from what you used to be thinking because you two are having fun not just learning. In this way, you two can mutually boost everyday spoken Chinese including trending slangs.


5. Online is a better option

    You really cannot set online aside when considering learning languages. And, you don’t have to worry about anything like no free time, too bored to go out, stuck in busy schedules,etc. Today era is IT era. You can have various online Chinese lessons at anytime and anywhere. Here is one of the best Chinese tutoring platform.   

    The best thing about online courses is they always fit any schedule.


6. Use Mirror Learn Chinese

    Occasionally, seeing yourself in the mirror must have been the best part of your daily life. Because you are the one who loves yourself the most obviously. The only person who is always by your side when you need somebody the most is definitely going to be nobody but yourself.

    Always keep in mind you always have you meaning that you can do a lot of things by yourself. This way is probably the best for busy bees. Reading books whenever you are free, listening to whatever you feel like to do, anything which is going to have impact on your learning process is at your will.

    If you are crazy enough, you can even practise talking to yourself. Converting every single thought in your brain into Chinese and speaking out loud is definitely going to hone your Chinese learning skills. Few people are doing this and really have special impact on learning progess.


7. Have Fun

    Do not ever forget to have fun no matter what you are trying to do. Always seek for fun as there will be one if you strive to find .You should be taking learning Chinese seriously. On the other hand, you can slowly improve your Chinese learning process in regular pace if you can manage to diversify your everyday routine.

    Let’s say if you are addicted to watching cartoons. Try watching Chinese based cartoon with English subtitles. In fact, your ears will eventually adapt to Chinese words.

    If you are intermediate in Chinese, you can set your mobile language as Chinese meaning that you are being forced to Learn Chinese characters as you will have to use your mobile most of the time for your daily routine.

    Slowly but surely, Chinese language will become part of your life.


8. Perfection derives from Practice

    Practice always plays as a role to upgrade your doings. You have been wondering what kind of practices you should be doing. Apart from casual practices you have been doing, you will need to listen to audio books. Obviously, this kind of doing a little bit deviated but you will know it is worthy when you really try it out.

    Normally, you will have to encounter difficulties in learning characters when you don’t have any sense of the words, what they sound like and how their definitions have been changed when you put them together.

    The point of practice is to get accustomed to each and every single individual sounds of the language, to learn to differentiate words from each other’s and to have certain words and phrases reverberating within your brain.


9. Casual Method

    Sometimes, learning casually is a bit effective comparing to the modernized ways of learning.

    It is completely natural for us to follow the short cut way. Actually, there is no such thing like short cut in making your way into learning languages.

    Reading causally more than you can handle literally boost your learning progression. Not only will you get to have the grasping of the most used Chinese characters but also your reading speed will be drastically improved like no other.

    You need to get your hands on everything you can in order to sharpen your Chinese.


10. Learn Chinese from Chinese friends

    Embedding yourself in Chinese is always a good option to learn Chinese. If you cannot really go abroad in order to surround yourself with native Chinese, you can befriend with Chinese people within your own country. There are several Chinese people out there lurking around the city.

    You will be learning without even realizing for sure. Don’t worry. Chinese people are famous for being incredibly hospitable and friendly.

These are the most effective ways to learn Chinese according to my research.


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